A quiet optimism

A quiet optimism

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Curator's Notes: He peers into the future, and hopes for bliss.

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Adhering to the ethos of inspiring Neo-African elegance, O.O.Kukoyi curates art from contemporary creatives whose work inspire a deep reflection on the African experience and the African existence.

A quiet optimism is a part of the O.O.Kukoyi Heritage Collection - an exciting collection of six limited edition prints of original artworks and iconic photography that express the intent to unearth a heritage that is deeply rooted in the shared African identity.

Artist: Bimpe Kayode-Ajayi

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Printed in Carlifornia on 18" x 24" Premium Lustre Photo Paper, each artwork is limited to a run of 100. The artworks can be sold unframed or framed.

  • Please allow 2 to 5 business days for fulfilment prior to shipping

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A certificate of authenticity accompanies each print.

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