O.O.Kukoyi specialises in building brands within the Hospitality, arts and events sectors that promote the idea of Modern African elegance

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Marvel Kitchen

Anglo African Catering

Marvel Kitchen is a UK based specialty catering company with over thirteen years of experience in providing tasty Anglo-African cusine for events.  Specializing in preparing Traditionl African Gourmet to suit an international pallete, Marvel Kitchen is creating a brand new culinary experience that pushes traditional African cuisine into the mordern age without losing its authenticity .

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CHuck Gallery

Traditional & COntempoary African Art

Founded on the simple ethos that an immersive interaction with the creative arts moves humanity forward, Chuck Gallery curates Art that inspire a deep reflection on the African Existence and the African Experince.



Mordern African Fine dining Pop-up restaurant

IRU is devoted to the exhibition of African gastronomy as a form of high art.  By refining traditional African recipes, utilizing flavour, form and texture tell a culinary story that evokes emotion and curiosity, we hope to move African cuisine forward.