O.O.Kukoyi specialises in building brands within the Hospitality, arts and events sectors that promote the idea of Modern African elegance

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Marvel Kitchen

Anglo African Catering

Marvel Kitchen is a UK based specialty catering company with over thirteen years of experience in providing tasty Anglo-African cusine for events.  Specializing in preparing Traditionl African Gourmet to suit an international pallete, Marvel Kitchen is creating a brand new culinary experience that pushes traditional African cuisine into the mordern age without losing its authenticity .

Afro BBQ festival

Afro BBQ Festival

An annual festival of African streetfood

Afro BBQ festival is an annual mouthwatering, tonguetwisting, bellyrubbing, smoky festival of African streetfood. The festival features cuisine from some of the major African cities that bring you the very same Afrobeat jams you can’t seem to get enough of.

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CHuck Gallery

Traditional & COntempoary African Art

Founded on the simple ethos that an immersive interaction with the creative arts moves humanity forward, Chuck Gallery curates Art that inspire a deep reflection on the African Existence and the African Experince.



Mordern African Fine dining Pop-up restaurant

IRU is devoted to the exhibition of African gastronomy as a form of high art.  By refining traditional African recipes, utilizing flavour, form and texture tell a culinary story that evokes emotion and curiosity, we hope to move African cuisine forward.