Crumbling Fortunes

I don't know why I preferred the tiny niblets of hope hidden in fortune cookies to what I had been offered by my previous faith, but I did. Maybe it’s because it was written by human hands that had no claims to divinity, or some other-worldly mysterious force

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The thread you follow

You see, no one knows the path which the leaf will fall, not the leaves, not the woods, not the wind, and definitely not the tree. Things happen as they should. Destiny is a verb in the present tense- it happens in the now; what you will become, you are now becoming,

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Some Journeys

Some journeys will only take you a moment.  Like traveling the distance between the edges of a smile that steals your soul. 

Some will take you a few minutes. Like walking the great garth

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Red Velvet by O.O.Kukoyi

The Red Velvet dinner party had been a year in the making, to be honest, I had already given up on the idea altogether, after 3 failed attempts at achieving it... But you see, It's funny how things seem to work out when you least expect them to, as though there is some mysterious force that takes all the broken pieces of your dreams and puts them together on your behalf- in a much more grand way then you had imagined.

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