Office Romance

To experience a fantasy, we must let go of all preconceived notions of how things should be and let life surprise us. True love is a peculiar thing. It's the one thing capable of surprising you  even though you've always been expecting and hoping for it all your life. She was life's only surprise to him- his feelings for her were the only thing life had ever bothered to gift him. An orphan boy robbed of the joys of being a carefree child, he had always worked hard for everything he got in his life- but his affections for Tutu came as freely as sunshine in summer; It was unnerving; It was peace... 

she was the one thing he had always longed for, yet never saw coming.

From the moment he saw her wearing the type of smile that makes telling jokes worthwhile, he knew she was the kind of woman that gave hearts a reason to lose their rhythm. And whenever she walked into his glass-walled office, it was the way she threaded the floor softly and touched everything delicately, it was how she stroked her own hair lightly like she was discovering it for the very first time; that made him believe she could be trusted with his fragile lonely heart.

There was something brand new about how she laughed whenever he was around, up until now, she was never sure she knew what love felt like, in fact, she had never really been in love, but she had never known this type of laughter either- maybe both are indistinguishable.

Her life was one that was filled with regrets, missed opportunities and learned pessimism, but around him her laughter was different; it came from a completely different place altogether;  it came from a place in her heart that expected good things to always happen just because they could. It came from a place where the sun shined all day long and the flowers bloomed all year round. His presence made her happy in a way she couldn't understand-  that's the best kind of happiness; the ones we cannot explain to anyone else.

And on those nights when they chitted and chatted over the phone for hours about work, it was the way he called her name midsentence-  he'd always say it like he was distracted  by something breathtaking- that's how she knew he was dangerous. But his was a kind of danger that was more of an adventure than a reckless pursuit: falling for Steve was like climbing up the mountain just to see the stars: both the climb and the view were designed by God to take your breath away.


Now, they are sitting across each other in a Hotel lobby far from the gossip hungry eyes of their colleagues, unsure what to say or do with their feelings. Office romances are generally frowned upon, especially between a boss and a subordinate; but love is a tyrant that must either break the rules or break our hearts.




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