A woman should be.

The love of a good woman will make you learn that a light-hearted pursuit of success is what's needed to make your dreams come true. She'd show you that by finding a reason to smile as you catch her eye in the mornings on your way to work,  you turn your day into a well-spring of opportunities.

Ambition can turn a man into a field of toxic dreams clogged up by his own ego and self-belief, but the love of a good woman is what makes him a river flowing with infinite possibilities.

Love is a strange thing to lose. You cannot hold it, yet it can slip through your fingers. It will hurt when you lose the love of someone you've held so much that you often find her scent hiding in the most unexpected places on your skin:  the groove of your fingers, the creases on your wrist: the cliff of your shoulder...  


Every morning I wake up with the realization that my life would never be complete again without you... It breaks my heart to know that I can no longer hold you so intimately that my fingers make their way back and forth through the sensual valley that runs along your back. 

It scares me to see that my tomorrow will feel as dead as today without the certainty of your affections... but you seem too far to reach these days.. too indifferent to my existence... too lost to my cause... too unfeigned by my words.


I neglected to learn how you wanted to be loved: and only saw you as a momentary distraction to my dreams. But the funny thing is, it was only with you that those any of those dreams ever came true: You were the positive pole to my negative life. Somewhere along the line, I lost the lust for achievement and power and you became my dream... You became the epitome of all I wanted to have in this world. And I know that sounds like a cliche, but cliches happen when poetry becomes fact!

If I could see you again, I wouldn't ask for forgiveness, neither would I apologize for being a douche: I've done that so many times that it's emptied of its meaning. I'd only try to hold you one more time, if you'd let me, and not say a word...all the while hoping to God that

my heart finds it's rhythm again,
as it resonates with yours

and that you feel me
find my purpose
once more in this embrace

and that this feeling
is enough to make you stay.


A woman should be the only reason you need to smile in the morning and go to bed laughing at night...

And no matter how perfect you think you are as a man, if you want to keep the love of the good woman you'd have to embrace the change she brings.




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