Pieces of our Souls

In all of my success and failures as a writer, poetry never came as freely as it did when we were together.

Falling in love will do that to you. Love will come into your life and overshadow everything else. It will steal the glory from all your hard work and perseverance and make you believe that the feeling of drowning in someone else's arms, of being consumed by it's delightful misery is all that's worth getting in the world. And in a way, it is...

Whenever you were with me I could see how we were all made of the same stuff; and how all of our destinies were cut from the same cloth; with you, I could see how all our of individual souls were conceived by the same loin. Whenever you were around, the world made sense, and that made me love you more; but that scared me, so it made me act like I loved you less.


"I'm Sorry!"


Somehow in our brief affair, you showed me that our souls were never created to live within us, they were made to always find ways to escape through the things we do, and into the people we love. "Our souls were made to be shared," you'd always say.

With you, I saw how the only things that give meaning and direction to our lives are the people we choose to love and the lives we choose to change- because those are the people with which we'd share the pieces of our souls; our laughter, our dreams, our fears and our memories. You taught me that living means sharing those pieces of our souls from the day we are born, up until the day we die.

Then you did;


I only wish
I had held on to enough
pieces of your soul
to bargain with God
for a few more breaths
for your body.




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