True Loving

Although they had been arguing all day about something inconsequential, whenever they got in bed, he had a habit of wrapping himself around her in a way that made her feel safe- that made her believe that he had heard her. He'd hold her until she was convinced that he had her whole world in his hands. Whenever he held her like this, she'd unravel in the safety of the cuddle. and as she felt herself gain access to his heart and other organs that fill up with blood, she'd thaw at the thought of what was to come.


Safety is the ultimate aphrodisiac,
Anticipation whets the tongue.


On nights like this, he'd take her greedily, like this was the last taste of her he'd ever get. In the early hours of the morning after, he'd make love to her- like it was the first time; gentle, like morning sex is an apology for last night's fuck.

Nuptial romance is a blissful dance between anger, lust and complete immersion in the person you love. 



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