A Bridge called Serendipity


I was taking a stroll with a couple of photographers and noticed this cute girl at the foot of the bridge rocking the jacket I'm wearing in the images in this post.  I approached her to find out if she didn't mind lending me her jacket for some of my images, she didn't


Well, we got to shooting. Bob. the street saxophonist behind me inspired us with a sultry rendition of the jazz classic La vie en rose. I was gonna tell him his music was great AF, but then he interrupted me 'This will look good on you, I'm might be getting old but I've got style.'   He said as offered me his Sax to complete the look.


I'm constantly amazed by how beautiful things come together when we least expect them; the chance of a beautiful moment is always around you if you're willing to look for opportunities in the most unexpected places and are unafraid to ask for what you want.

Serendipity is God's favorite way of making our lacklustre lives beautiful, it's how he makes us feel like our dreams are his dreams and our hopes are his mission. 



You guys are made of the same stuff as miracles.
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-Mr. Kukoyi