A Cycle of your own undoing

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It’s impossible to forget those whom you do not forgive. You can push every waking thought of them to the darkest corners of your mind, but that does little good in the long run... Somehow, they live inside you, and the pain they’ve caused continuously burrows it’s way through your innocence, ripping away the parts of you that are tender, the parts of you needed to love unconditionally, the parts of you that make you indisputably worthy of all the good that life has to offer. Then there is the anger that comes with it; the self-righteous indignation that patiently brews in your heart, the kind that conveniently lets itself off only on those that do not deserve it, giving them reasons to be unforgiving. 

Now, you and everyone around you are lost in cycles of your undoing. You are all being ripped apart slowly from the inside out, and you’re doing the same to others. You are losing your humanity, and giving others reasons to lose theirs too. 

That’s the simple truth- Every act of unforgiveness greases the wheels of humanity’s undoing. 

Forgive first, forget next, because doing the reverse sears your soul.

You are made of the stuff of miracles


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