A fall into grace


I had tried for months to style this hunter's jacket to no avail until one lazy Sunday it hit me: everyday fashion is most effective when it imitates nature- that's the same BS I used to tell clients when I worked as a personal stylist... Scoffs... how could I forget that?

So I put together the pieces of clothing with colours that most reflected the day's filter: My favorite gap jumper, those tailor-made beige pants I love and yup, it worked pretty well.

Next, I got in touch with James, one of the most talented photographers I know and got what I think is probably some of my favorite images this Autumn. 


One of the most important things to me when it comes to  style  is to always give practical advice. The most practical advice I can give you concerning colour cordination for everyday style in any season is to dress WITH the weather. Imitate the naturally existing colours of the season and you can never go wrong. 


Autumn's main inspiration for colours come from the trees. Dying leaves come in different beautiful complementary shades, rustic green, fawn, golden yellow, beige, deep brown, burgundy. These are all colours that make for a natural looking coordination when put together in any ensemble for Autumn. 



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-Mr. Kukoyi