A Living Hell

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When God cast Lucifer down to earth, I suspect he fell on what is present-day Nigeria... perhaps that explains why living in that country today is its own kind of hell. It’s people, cast into a bottomless pit of tribal discord that births a kind of mistrust that burns of their collective potential in a deserving, eternal flame. 

And then there is religion; Africa's best managed prison. If you didn’t know this, there is no greater place where the name of God is called upon so passionately than in the fiery pits of hell... people stuck in eternal torment call out for God much more than people in heaven, and as we all know, God doesn’t listen to the cries of those in hell, they are far beyond his benevolent all reaching all-encompassing love- and ours is the same... Nigeria is far beyond the reach of God, our hell is not under His jurisdiction, His salvation cannot reach us. 


You are made of the same stuff as miracles


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