Build for failure

A lot of times in our entrepreneurial pursuit,  we are obsessed with success too early.  A premature obsession with success,  I've learned, creates an atmosphere of bloated, unmanaged and unrealistic expectations. Managing expectations requires anticipating points of failure in any plan, mitigating those failures,  and having a firm grasp on the process of growing a business in your industry.

Understanding failures require tests- there is nothing more dangerous to your long-term growth as an enterprise than scaling an untested idea.  The whole point of tests is to know what makes things fail- and systematically eliminate these things. 





Success stops being a game of luck when you understand what could make a plan fail. To do that, you must plan for failure,  you must build for failure and quick Iteration. This is what we often regard as proof of concept. 

A proof of concept is the smallest individual unit of experimental flirtation with an idea.  It's in this phase you expose and eliminate the points of failure in your idea in other to always create success.




Refining an idea and understanding it's points of failure unwittingly uncovers something valuable to growth- process.

Process is the systemic organisation of tasks,  resources and manpower in a way that mitigates hindrances to success and leads to anticipated conclusions- hindrances that must have first been identified through your tests.

In my experience,  startups and entrepreneurs chase success too early,  they try to grow too fast.  It is in the nature of growth to begin by taking root. Taking root in and of itself is a way to hedge against winds, and by doing so reach for the resources that are incidental to growth.

Process is progress. Progress is process.


You are made of the same stuff as miracles