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Red Velvet by O.O.Kukoyi

The Red Velvet dinner party had been a year in the making, to be honest, I had already given up on the idea altogether, after 3 failed attempts at achieving it... But you see, It's funny how things seem to work out when you least expect them to, as though there is some mysterious force that takes all the broken pieces of your dreams and puts them together on your behalf- in a much more grand way then you had imagined.

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The Drumstick Pyramid

To create this dish, I seasoned three chicken drumsticks with salt and some magical  rainbow peppers, tied them together with kitchen twine so they become friendly, wrapped them in cling film, then in foil, and left them in the oven for 3-4 hours to cook in their own juices at bout 160 degrees.

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Pasta Rasta

I like to believe that pasta makes the world go round; I mean a mouthful of well-cooked pasta can turn anyone's life around. As a matter of fact,  Italy should be the first place aliens visit when they invade the earth for many reasons, homemade Italian pasta being the top of the list.

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