Chicken Mushroom soup

I had this girlfriend then who really loved mushrooms ( you know what I'm talking about, right). Well, this was her favorite breakfast. 

It's pretty easy to make.

Pour chicken stock in the pot, bring it to boil. cut tiny chunks of left over chicken, potatoes, carrots, and lightly seasoned chicken and add all into the simmering stock along with some baby mushrooms.

Go do other stuff couples usually do in the morning before breakfast while the soup simmers. Not too long though, you've only got like 10- 15 minutes. 


Come back to the kitchen you Casanova, roughly chop parsley leaves and add to the simmering soup. Salt and pepper to taste.


Pan-fry sliced bread in salted or unsalted butter, and cut into strips: it's easier to dip in the soup that way.


Serve as you like.

Eat and head to work, unless it's the weekend; then go back to bed, or head to the movies, or maybe just take a walk with someone you love, preferably the same one you made breakfast for.