Create desire, then capture it


It's September 1st, 2014, Miss Moon Ray has made her way from Jackson Mississippi to the futurist glass cube Apple store in New York with blow up mattresses, sleeping bags, and solar panels to set camp 19 days before the official launch of the apple iPhone 6. She is first in line. She's proven her desire,  not for another human but for a product.


Desire is a very delicate yet powerful thing. It's the purest form of lust there is, it is irrational and a lot of times difficult to explain. 

Brands that make great products understand the emotional component of production, they know the empathy behind sales. They strive relentlessly to create products that spark emotional responses in customers. They transcend creating products people want or need to products they desire. They do this by making people fall in love with the persona of their company, what they stand for, what they are out to change -an ideal- Then they sell their products as the metaphor of that ideal.  

In 1997, Apple made advertising history with the release of "Here's to the crazy ones." I know it's difficult to imagine now, but in 1997, Apple was experiencing a weird stint of failures, and the recently reappointed CEO, Steve Jobs, wanted to remind the public, the shareholders and the staff what Apple's ideals really were. The message he aptly passed with that simple one minute video was that "we at Apple want to change the world, we think you do too, and that makes you special, like us." He crafted a narrative that made Apple into a company that made people feel special, and their products do just that.

It's why Miss Moon ray would make what could have been a 17-hour drive from Mississippi to New York to be at the Apple store 19 days before the launch of its new iPhone. Having an Apple product in her hand somehow made her feel special.


People fall in love with brands in the same way they do with other people. Regardless of race, age, gender, religion, we fall in love with people and brands that make us feel... Safe, happy, important, special, good, productive, inspired, valued, the list is so diverse it's endless.

What does your brand make others feel and how strongly do they feel it?

Stirring up emotional responses in your target audience can be done through different medium, Videos, blogs, words, pictures, but regardless, here are 3 tips that would help you: 

1. Display the poetic rather than the rational. Poetry and art are great vehicles for communicating emotion, they make us feel. They bypass the rational mind and go straight for the heart.

2. Tell a story your target audience can relate too. Stories are a great way to stir up empathy. It's because stories Stories are metaphors and similitudes for life, Whenever you hear a story, you subconsciously place yourself as the subject or the object of the story. This means you will emphatically feel what they feel, believe what they believe fear what the fear, love what the love, be inspired to do what they do, and in the end make a physical attempt to identify with them. 

3. Be transparent, be simple, be honest.




You're made of the same stuff as miracles!

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