Dear Multipotentialite

O.O.kukoyi manchester based British Nigerian author Blogger entrepreneur public speaker_ image by clarence-e-hsu-763396-unsplash.jpg

You have the ability to hold all these conflicting dreams and ideologies inside you without bursting at the seams of your fragile human flesh. Not many people do, and because many people don’t, you will be misunderstood. You will be called many names; unfocused, jack of all trades, or maybe just plain old stupid... you will feel lost... and maybe sometimes, you actually would be.  

But I need you to understand something and I need you to get it through your hard head... you are none of these things... you are merely one of the few people in which the all-encompassing nature of the universe really lives in. You are one of those people who can lead mankind at the edge of chaos.  You are one of those people who can see everything, who sees life from the point of view of the carpenter, the artist, the professor, the nurse, the priest, the stripper... you were made to lead men into their beautiful tomorrows. You are a jack of many and you were made to be a master of men. 

If you are lost, own it, don’t be sorry about it, only those who are lost find the most scenic parts of life.  If you are a jack at many things, don’t be ashamed about it, ride on the promise of every spark and chase every rainbow; you’re one of those that hold the all-encompassing magnificence of the universe. If you can hold your breath for days on end, then do it in the depths of the oceans, and don’t for the sake of those who can barely survive a puddle, breathe. If you deem yourself to be a god, then be unapologetically god, sit in the heavens, answer prayers, and judge the affairs of men, as God does. If you have had the good fortune of discovering exactly who you are in this confusing existence we all share, then be that, do it blatantly, and without remorse- it’s the only path to peace.