Exhausted Candles

Last night, I dreamt of being on an elevator with you. In this dream, for some reason, it was a few days ago and you and I were strangers again:  I couldn't remember your name, and I had not yet discovered what the sound of your voice did to my soul.
On that elevator and in that dream, I got to steal glances of you for the very first time once more...  I got to feel that overwhelming exhilaration that still happens whenever I linger in the lust of your floral scented perfume. And every time our eyes met in that crowded 4 by 2 elevator, I could see my future... I could tell that sometime in both of our tomorrows, you and I would neglect the embrace of the sun for days and only crave the warmth from each other's flesh. On those days, you'd become my sun and you'd become my moon; the freckles on your face will be the stars that light up my night.

I gathered the courage to speak to you like I did the day we first met and my dream elevator stops abruptly...


I'm awake now to the sight of you laying beside me in a room half-lit by exhausted candles- My God!


I hope this sight of you
laying beside me
is always the sequel
to all of my dreams...




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