Follow your Grit

You begin first by following your dreams... and you let them light your way, but when it gets dark and the light from your dreams have burnt out, which it definitely will, then you must then follow your grit, and let that lead you.

It's inevitable, in the pursuit of destiny, we must all travel rocky terrain, swim in deathly tides, and wrestle with grim uncertainty. Destiny is who you have been made to become... purpose are the things you were made to do in order to become that person... and grit is the path you must embrace to follow through on purpose. It's hard, I know... but isn't life but the blissful opportunity to traverse from one difficulty to another with ever so brief interludes of experiencing perfect peace? Difficulty is nothing new; it's there in birth, in living, in achieving, in death... like your purpose, your difficulty chooses you,  and that's what makes it so akin with destiny... it's all made of the same stuff.

Your difficulty chooses you. 

Its such a cosmic irony that in order to escape mediocrity, you must embrace the mundane. It's important that we develop the self-discipline to embrace routine

daily mundane tasks that individually, do very little to build you up, but collectively, over years of constant application, achieve a velocity so powerful it thrusts you out of the ordinary into continous excellence. There is no force more powerful in the world to change the direction of a man's life like self-discipline.  Self-discipline alone, when applied consistently over a lifetime can make extraordinary, that which was less than banal. Faith cannot work alone, love, hope, passion, all these incredibly powerful forces in the universe cannot work alone. If one has faith, but doesn't have hope, then faith is vain. If one has love but doesn't have passion, then love will wane.  But if all you have is self-discipline, then you have all you could ever need to change everything around you.

Yesterdays efforts were only good enough to get you to where you are now, they will not take you any further. If they could, they would have already. Get back to work, today.  Self-discipline is the stuff of grit. It's hard to be led by difficulty, the natural human instinct is to run from it, but those who run to it, get through it.

Follow your grit, embrace the difficult path, thread on the rocky terrain, it's the only path there is. 



You are made of the stuff of miracles