How the best teams are built

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The first thing you should do when starting something new is become obsessed with the idea. The next thing you do is pool other minds around your obsession.

The team is the cell of any Startup, it's the smallest indivisible unit of progress and support when starting a business.  A Startup is only as strong as its first team- their faith, resilience, grit, passion, doggedness, hardwork is what drives it home.

The novelty of the first team is that they gather around the purpose, the vision, the ideal, the leader, the madness. They are not there for a paycheque or for the myth of job security. It's faith, passion and optimism that brings them together- they are there to change things. They believe in what they are trying to achieve, in essence, they are as entrepreneurial as the original visionary of the business. They are the first to trust in you and see the logic in your insanity. They are invaluable. 

The birth of a star is a rather perfect metaphor for a start-up team. In the birth of stars, gravity pulls hydrogen atoms together, the closer they get, the more gas atoms begin to collide. Next, the temperature begins to rise and something wonderful happens- Nuclear fusion! A miracle of chemistry! These individual, independent atoms begin to fuse together and the individual hydrogen atoms are changed into something else, something more, a whole greater than the sum of the parts.  As this process continues, some of the matter gets converted to pure energy, and boom, a star is born.

As the entrepreneur responsible for the start up, you are the gravity that pulls the team together; the cohesive force.-  the rest will happen organically.

Pooling minds together around your vision is not only hard work, it's delicate work too. Choosing a team is like choosing a series of life-partners, you need people you trust will be there for the long haul. Teams are built on trust. Trust is cohesive. It's up to you to build trust within your team when the times are great and when they are rough. Like Tina Roth Eisenberg says "trust breeds magic", startups need a whole lot of magic, they need Nuclear Fusion.

The best entrepreneurs are not always the ones who have great ideas, they are the ones who can create, and sustain great functional teams that push their idea through the long haul of the startup phase. 

Ideas are built in concert- inspire trust in your team.



You're made of the same stuff as miracles!

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