Mind Other People's Business


Mind your own business! That's something I was always told as a child, terrible advice if you ask me. Life is a social adventure, and for you to get ahead, you ought to mind other people's business- people want you in their business, no one rejects a chance at a great friendship.

Get into the habit of helping others be better versions of themselves, help them be better at what there do and who they are and you'll find that there is no limit to the success that will be yours. For me, that's all entrepreneurship is about- helping each other to make dreams come true.

Your dreams are intricately connected to the dreams of others, helping them reach for theirs is the quickest way to make yours come true, and to make sure you get help when you really need it- because you will. Always remember, what you know is important, but who you know gives value to what you know. Life is a social adventure.

Opportunities are the rarest and most valuable things on earth. The people you know determine the opportunities that come your way- it's as simple as that. Make great friends, nurture old ones, always be the one who takes conscious actions, make the move, offer the help, invite them over for brunch, ask what their dreams are, listen, play your part in making those dreams real, forgive, try to forget and don't forget to laugh. Mind other people's business.


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