Mr. Shy Guy

I'm now trapped in a world where everything is possible except us; where every road has been traveled except the one that leads me to you...  Where every chance has been taken except the one that could make you mine.

It's a world where every beautiful thing exists except the chance of you and me. 

And from this moment onward, I know the simple heartbreaking fact that every conscious and careless breath I take will lead me further away from you; every step will feel like it's in the wrong direction... and every time someone else makes you laugh- no matter where you are in the world-  I would feel a piece of my happiness slip away.

I remember you sitting in that cafe sipping on your coffee as perfectly as any goddess could: alone, but somehow, my whole world was there with you.  It's inexplicable how you can tell that some people were just made to reflect the glory of a billion stars no matter how mundane they pretend to be...

And now,  the rest of my life has become a place where the only wounds time cannot possibly heal are these regrets that burrow deep into my soul...


Lesson Learned,

Love, at first sight
is a wasted miracle,
if you're too shy
to say Hi.



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