Never regret a lost love

The fact that something is perfect doesn't mean it's meant to last forever.  It's why sometimes, even the most beautiful love stories must end with a broken heart. I've learned to accept that some things were only made to be savored for a little while, after which we must let them go. Some beautiful things were made to be forgotten- and that doesn't diminish their beauty in the slightest...  It only means that at that point in our lives their beauty was the only thing that could fill a part of our souls with joy,  or show us what it feels like to be truly happy. 


The first girl I ever loved was like this.  She was like rain that flooded my life and made my mind a fertile ground for beautiful words. She felt like destiny, and purpose and eternity wrapped up on God's favorite mold of clay. A figure 8 when she stood tall, and an infinity to get lost in when she laid down. For a long time, everything  I wrote was just a different way to scream out her name, and whisper a thank you to the universe for bringing her my way.

But like rain,
she soon passed,
and when the dark clouds cleared,
she gave way to sunshine
and with that came a bloom
of stories and poetry that made my existence matter to me.

Looking back now,  I don't regret having loved and lost her because, without her,  I would have never found me. She loved me for who I was, but never neglected to show me who I could be. You see, sometimes true love is not meant to last forever. Sometimes we fall in love with certain people just because the magic inside us can only be revealed through the glimmer in their eyes when they look at us, and the conviction in their voice when they talk about us, and maybe that's okay.

It's why I never run away from a chance to fall in love. I've come to realize that love, real love, when it's found reveals your truest self to you... And more often than not, that self is always hidden until someone comes into your life and draws it out.

It's almost like the people we really are on the inside are the people those we love show us we can be: and perhaps like me, your life's bloom is only one unforgettable lost love away.




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