Now, I'm Unemployed


I was fired from my first post-university job at the age of 19. No, it wasn't fraud that got me fired, the CEO's excuse was simply that people are more easily replaceable than chairs, and he'd rather keep a chair in his company than a living breathing profiting human being. I was fired for sitting comfortably in a swivelling chair, no prior warnings I kid you not.

"Hey you, leave this company, I don't want anyone breaking chairs."
He said with the authority of a CEO and a kind of disgust that only comes from thinking you're better than everyone else around you. His tone of disgust was probably called for, after all he was Lebanese with one of the biggest architectural companies in Nigeria- a king in a foreign land.

"Hey you, I said leave this company"
He said a second time. He was behind me, but somehow I knew instinctively that his words were directed at me.

Those words marked the end of my career in that firm, and maybe my career as an architect altogether (I was never fond of the profession anyhow- you're constantly burdened with unrealistic expectations). I left that office absolutely distraught but with an ironic sense of clarity.  Distraught because only two minutes ago I was gainfully employed, and now I wasn't. My ironic sense of clarity came with the lingering realisation that Job security was a myth, I thought to myself ' you are only as secure as your last paycheque,  or in my case your boss's mood.'

It was at this moment I realized how much of our lives are ours to create, and how leaving it in someone else's hands could be just as uncertain as chasing your dreams. This began my flirtation with entrepreneurship and learning to harness the drive to survive.

It's where my story begins.


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