On Family, Friendship & Entrepreneurship


One of my proudest memories as an entrepreneur was when my dad surprised me with a visit from Nigeria for the launch of my first book. There were going to be maybe 30 people there; most of whom were friends and friends of friends, yet, he thought it fitting to surprise me with an appearance. To me, the launch of a collection of short stories and poetry didn't mean much, but the fact that he showed up for this moved me near to tears. Family is everything you work hard for in this life, and when they love you enough to celebrate your humble beginnings, you're gold.

Choose your friends wisely,  they are the source of a lot of God's blessings to you, and a lot of the devil's wiles too. A lot of the things I have been able to take on as an entrepreneur I did because I had friends who were willing to support me. I remember the first time I took on a catering job bigger than I could handle, It was to cater to more people at a single event than I had ever catered to in my entire life. I was scared to shit! But it was friends that rallied together to make that dream a reality, they travelled with me and supported me with my dreams.

Entrepreneurship is a lonesome journey, more often than not, it will take you to the end of your self. When you're at the end of self, your will, no matter how strong it is can take you no further- only support can.  There is no sweeter joy than having people you can lean on when the world is on your shoulders. We all have those times when everything goes wrong all at once and all too fast, but if you've got great friends, you've always got a way out. If you've got people that care for you, you've got hope.

Success is an elusive thing, and more often than not, as an entrepreneur, the weight of failure is something you would have to carry for much longer than you thought.  Don't try to carry it alone, it's stupid.


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