Programmed to Fail

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This is probably the most candid portrait of me out there because it was taken at one of the darkest times of my entrepreneurial journey, and what I love about it is that it captured the pain of it all.  If there is anything I learned from this period  it was that up until then, I had been programmed to fail, and I hadn't known. 

It was difficult for me to accept that, it was really diffifulf to accept that the collection of all the efforts of everyone on my past whose job it was to mold me; my teachers, my leaders, most of my mentors and myself, had merely been programming me to fail in a world where I desperately wanted to succeed. It humbled me greatly, and for a while, it broke me- but I did learn to accept it, bitter as it was. And from the moment I did, I made every effort to think out of the box of my own mind, learning new patterns of thought and new ways to understand the world, removing barriers where there was fear, creating constraints where there was indiscipline, and enforcing rationale where there was wishful thinking.

Until slowly, I became a man, the kind for which nothing will be truly impossible for. One who’s mind was renewed everyday by a conscious departure from the habits that negated my own success. You see, the battles for your dreams are not won or lost in a day. You win slowly, you lose slowly... and it's a battle that would definitely leave you with scars.


You are made of the same stuff as miracles