Saved by the Night

It was one of those nights where it was obvious that there really was magic somewhere in the world, and that miracles really could happen.

Beauty will do that to you.
Anytime you see something beautiful and true, you cant help but believe that God, and serendipity, and chance all happened at that very moment, just so you, frail as you are, can have that simple experience of untethered beauty.

That night, the moon shimmered with the lustre of fairies. It didn't shine like it did on most nights, it poured desperately across the skyline, erupting passionately after years of dormancy unto the freezing still lake, and unto the tress and the flowers that blossomed like stars. It was the only time in his entire life that he had ever seen this kind of beauty. You're lucky if you ever do.

Beauty, if you let it, will save you.

He had walked down to that lake
with the intention of taking a final deathly plunge into the abyss;
but it was the beauty in a simple winter night
that gave him the hope to live another day.



You are made of the same stuff as miracles



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