There was nothing remarkable about this 2 storey house. Its foundations did not run deep, its walls were not cladded with gold or any other rare earth. It wasn’t home to a king or any one of noble means. What fascinated me, was how for 10 years of my life, I saw this two storey house surrounded by scaffolds, and for those 10 years the person who owned it held on to the dream of building a home, and never let go of his scaffolds. 

The rain came and beat the scaffolds down, and he put them back up again and again, building slowly with whatever means he had at the time. Until one day, 12 years from the day he started, the scaffolds came down of his own accord: and what was left was a mundane outdated house and the remarkably patient man who now lived in his own home. 

It’s doesn’t matter how grand or mundane the dreams we choose to build are, we need the patience, foresight and courage to keep rebuilding our scaffolds; never letting go of those temporary things that anchor our unfinished plans in our consciousness - inspiring every sacrifice needed to turn our grandiose dreams into our mundane realities.


You are made of the same stuff as miracles