Sell Experiences, sell Nostalgia

Boring is easy. The hardest thing is to be interesting, consistently. Your business needs to be interesting. How your consumers experience your business goes a long way to determine their perceptions of your company, it's services and it's product. Think about restaurants. How many times have you had a great meal in a restaurant and asked for the recipe, my guess is never.

It's because the recipes don't really matter, at least not to the everyday consumer, what matters is the experience. Our lives are only as beautiful as experiences we have everyday. We all want better more vibrant more optimistic, more stable, more pleasant and enviable experiences in life. As the entrepreneur, you'd do a great deal of good designing  your to business to be a source of these experiences.
It doesn't matter what your services or products are, it's all about the experience. In the end it's why people will keep coming back, we are all addicts of pleasant experiences. None of us is exempt. If you're successful in cloaking your product or service in the disguise of a pleasant experience, you're well on your way to creating a sustainable business model.

Our experiences are actually what determine the quality of our lives- adding quality experiences to people means you're ultimately adding to the quality of their lives.
Life is a huge social experiment. The companies of the future are designed to have a strong social dynamic to them. We all yearn for communication and recognition, we crave shared happiness and togetherness. It's how we are wired as humans. And no, you don't have to design a social media company like Facebook, or a networking platform like Linked-In to create a company with a strong social dynamic, regardless of what you do you can design your company to be a source of pleasant social experiences. Sell Experiences. 

Think of your new business like a restaurant, it's never all about the recipe- although in essence that's what you think you pay for;  but you pay for much more, you pay for the the taste, the ambient lighting, the artistic plating, the polished wooden floors, the fancy chairs, the polite waitress, the soft music in the background, the joy of having your friends with you, the peace of seclusion- all these things are what will culminate into a pleasant experience. The yearning to re-live that experience; that nostalgia, is what keeps you going back. Sell Nostalgia 

You’re made of the stuff of miracles