Some Journeys

Some journeys
will only take you
a moment. 
Like traveling the distance
between the edges
of a smile
that steals your soul. 

will take you
A few minutes.
Like walking the
great garth
to capture
love at first sight...
even In the wake
of every heartbreak
you’ve had to bear. 

will take you
a few years.
Like learning
to forgive
and maybe
and maybe
forgive again.

will take you
a whole lifetime. 
Like learning
to fall in love
with the same
over and over
and over

And Some
will take you
an eternity
Like traveling
14 lifetimes
around the universe, 
only to find God
hidden within
your heart..,
Closer to you
than the tip
of your own frail fingers. 

At the end of it all... 
at the end of every crooked, 
or straight path,
There is always
Something worthwhile...
But you must walk it all
You must walk every path
To its own end,
Or risk
Finding yourself
In an abyss of regret,
Holding on passionately to
Misery in one hand
And a blazing hell
In the other.



You are made of the same stuff as miracles