The Art of Journaling

O.O.Kukoyi | The Artful Voice of Neo-African Elegance

I've been journaling for a little over 7 years now, and I have found it to be one of the most iife changing practices, second only to medittion. Not only does journalling set the foundation for understanding core elements of self, it also anchors my heart on the turbulent seas of purpose, and gives me the perspective that allows for appreciation for growth and wellness.

What influened me to begin journalling was a need to document th process of my own journey to self discovery, and all life had to offer. My personal journal is just as diverse as the life I lead. sometimes, its filled with poetry, other times, with recipes, stories and memories of meeting artists, chefs and friends. A lot of times it’s filled with grandiose ambitions that I often write down and forget, only to find out years later, that somehow, I had achieved those things - it’s sort of a guide for the subcioncious, i guess. When journalling the most important thing for me is serenity and truth- it’s why i do it either in the mornings after meditating, or in evenings when im not bugged by the demands of the day, and can find the inner peace that makes the truth i seek easier to unearth.

Whenever I’m not cocooned up in my flat, my next best place to journal is in cafes. I’ve come to learn that Cafes are portals of self-reflection where everything seems to be understood a little clearer, an antithesis for the bar, where I’d go to cloud my judgment in a drunken drown. At times like this, it’s habitual for me to order a glass of white wine. As a matter of fact, at all times I get to sit alone with my thoughts, white wine is always my drink of choice.  It's brisk zesty simplicity peels off all the layers of uncertainty that shroud my world, and I'm left with unencumbered access to the truths I need to see to realign my worldview with that of the universe.