The Burden of Being African today.

I am an 26 year old African living in the UK, why is that significant? 

It’s significant because there is a complete difference Being black in the UK and being Afrcan. The two identities are as far apart as the Cape Town is from London. 

African immigrants have a peculiar problem... if you look closely enough you’ll see it in our communities within the UK. I am yet to find a truly wealthy community of African Immigrants. I don't mean, middle to low income class feigning to be part of the upper echelons of society, I mean, 2nd-3rd generation migrants, who have collectively worked their way up to the 1% by creating busineeses and industries that this country needs. We leave Africa, but Africa leaves with us. The challenges of bad leaderahip and structure still surround our people as a plague even outside the sun baked sands of africa.

I remember starting my business in the Uk and not being able to find any structures system of established African owned businesses that I could plug into, howbeit work my ass from the bottom up, but plug into anyways.. all I could find were small business that could do no more than teach me how to build smaller businesses that struggle to survive. I detested it all.

Until we accept that the state of continent as a whole is a predeteminming factor for Africans will be treated in any situation, we will always remain the race with the least respect.  

The state of Africa itself is the problem. For Africans, It makes it that our competence goes unrecognized, and when it is recognized, it comes as a surprise rather than as an expected advantage to a new firm... and I don’t know about you but no one expects surprises everyday -so no one expects your competence everyday You will still have the idea of incompetence looming over your head. It makes it that our businessmen and women are not trusted to handle matters of international significance, or integrate and function in a civilized society because we are considered from less advanced nations in which these things are not the norm. 

Building a first world Africa is what would ensure that our kids and their kids after them would not have to work overtime to prove they should be considered just as competent as their peers... this is the burden for the we must carry for the next generation, it is what history wil judge this generation of instragam posting, tweeting, snapchat filtered africans by.  

May history remember us favourably.. 


You are made of the same stuff as miracles