The Drumstick Pyramid

IMG_20160902_174601 (1).jpg

To create this dish, I seasoned three chicken drumsticks with salt and some magical  rainbow peppers, tied them together with kitchen twine so they become friendly, wrapped them in cling film, then in foil, and left them in the oven for 3-4 hours to cook in their own juices at bout 160 degrees.  Easy Peasy.

Potatoes were cut int cubes, seasoned with salt and black pepper ( alternatively and probably more excitingly, you can butter them and blissfully bury in roughly chopped coriander), wrapped in foil too and left in the oven at the same temperature for about 1 hour

One Whole chilli and mixed vegsand a handful cherry tomatoeswere boiled for a while in the chicken stock from the chicken in the oven to add a bit of a surprise to their flavour.  Remove them right before you start to thicken the stock into gravy.

Keep the gravy light, season with salt to your taste.

Serve beautifully. 



If you look a little closer at chicken you'll see that I peeled away the skin from the drumsticks. Doing this allows the seasoning to really make sweet sweet love to the chicken when it's cooking in the oven without some unnecessary layer of skin getting in the way ( the guys know what I mean); making what comes our a flavorsome, sensual delight. 


Try it