The Girl I almost loved.

Dark, with an incandescent skin that exuded a warmth that is difficult to explain- It could only be felt by touch, or by a kiss, or by any of those things I desperately wanted to do to her. She looked innocent, but I could tell she was a moveable feast; a nibble here, a nibble there; in the streets, and under the sheets- she was my moveable feast.

There was something about the way she looked at me. Her eyes told the story of how much she wanted to be stripped of her innocence- everything in me listened.

Something inexplicable happens when two souls that were destined to connect touch. For us it was it a meeting of winds that recklessly ravaged into a lustful frenzy, tossing clothes and each other across the room like 2 tornadoes ripping through virgin territory.


That was the week we met.


Now it's different,
She has a boyfriend,
and I have no one.





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