The Introspective collection by Kobo

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I recently hung out with the creative minds behind KOBO, one of Nigeria's fastest growing brands. Sitting down for cold drinks with Femiwa, the chief designer at KOBO was fun. We spoke about the Nigerian brand of politics and why African women are the best in the world. After lots of laughs and maybe too many drinks, we got to talking about his new collection and he told me something I found very intersting. He told me how the idea behind the Introspective collection was to try to create clothing that reflected the founding value at heart of kobo; FREEDOM.

"I wanted to make clothes that seamlessly merged comfort with a modern chic aesthetic. The most important thing to me while designing this collection was to create streetwear that dared to emancipate the inner self." He said. 

"Well, I think you did a darn good job." I thought. 



Obviously, this sounds like a lot of philosophical speaking, but it's a philosophy that he successfully transmuted into highly functional and beautiful clothing by questioning every single sketch, and stitch. What he got for all his hard work was a remarkable collection that shows off his passions as well as his ability to use clothes to reach for something within us. '

You are made of the same stuff as miracles.

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