The People you owe your Life to.


Some people you meet will change your life, and not In the usual way.  These people don't come into your life to inspire you or motivate you, or do any of those things that you'd be proud to have done to you -  No, they serve a more important, yet, less praised role.

These people will Help You.

Help is something we need but we don't always want-  because it means admitting our own needs and our inability to meet them.

My friend, Etim, is like that.  He is one of those rare people who genuinely want to help people.  I can't really understand his brand of Selflessness... I've tried, but people like Etim are not made to be understood, they were made to bring color to the lives of the people around them.  People like Etim will know your flaws,  but trust more in your grace.

Only a handful of people in this world can see your magic with lucid eyes after they have blatantly seen just how banal you could be. That's what makes them special- their uncanny unwavering trust in what makes you special regardless of how many times they see the mistakes that prove you're human.

There are a handful people you will share the little that they have with you. But, there are even less that will share all they have with you- even when all they have is nothing. These are the people who will go out of their way to help you. These are the people you owe your life to.

When I was younger, my mother always told me to pray for helpers of destiny. I always expected them to be people who were much older than I was,  who live in penthouses somewhere south of London...  I never expected that one will be a friend who has chosen to see my grace despite my many faults- and who has chosen to trust in me regardless of my many shortcomings.

The older you get, the more you realize that sometimes, what gives meaning to your life are the friends who sacrifice to give you a lifetime worth of happiness.

Choose your friends wisely,
because they are the sources
of God's blessings to you,
and the devil's wiles.




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