The Problem with chasing Ghosts


Someone once told me that the problem with seeing ghosts, is that acting like they are really there makes one mad. Africa is the mad woman on the street conditioned to seeing the ghosts of other civilisations as her own. The challenges Africa faces at the moment are basic, yet we look at ourselves through the complexities of broken democracies and media propaganda. We act like fraudulent politics is the heart of our problems, when in fact our lost collective sense of identity and empathy is. The ghosts we are chasing are not really there, and our dystopia, our madness, is the result of acting like they really are.

We have we embraced a system of government that is for lack of a better word wrong for us. We presume that democracy in its raw unfiltered form is an African idea, we celebrate what could be the greatest factor for our stunted growth as an independent continent.

We are reflecting the problems of a world we are not necessarily part of - a world, we are by design separate from. We have embraced a broken global narrative of development and success that we are either not prepared to deal with, or are by some evolutionary and serendipitous act of God designed to escape. I choose to believe the latter.

Ours is a continent that has a rare yet simple advantage, the last mover advantage, the greatest chance of creating an utopia. The global race to utopia has never been one of speed but of applied evolution- a factor for success that is only available to the last mover.

What we have is the rare opportunity to learn from failures and successes of civilisations and industries, and apply these to the foundation for building our own story, we stand the greatest chance, evolutionary speaking, of creating the earth's most successful civilisation. That, coupled with our shared anthropological foundations of harmonious coexistence, gives us the best fighting chance at creating utopia.

What Africa represents to me now is a blank canvas waiting for centuries of applied thought; a barren land waiting for the foundations of applied evolution. We stand the best chance of creating the most ideal civilisation of the 22nd century, the question now is, would we?



You are made of the same stuff as miracles.


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