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I grew up on superhero movies; they were, and still are the best kind of movies- There is something about a lonely outlaw taking up the mantle to rescue, protect, serve and woo the ladies - and the city as well- perhaps that's what I'm doing with style in Manchester. 

Of all those movies I grew up watching, Antonio Banderas' Mask of Zorro was probably on my top 5 list of all-time favorite superhero movies. I must have seen it like 17 billion times. 

This look is an homage that childish obsession. 


Back in 2015, during my brief steamy affair with personal styling, I discovered six infallible characters of style that I usually taught to my clients to help them choose a set of clothes through which they express themselves to the world daily. These 6 infallible characters of style are;

Style is personal, it is conscious, it’s informed and therefore can and should be learned, it's diverse, and most importantly, style is not fashion.

When followed, these 6 characters of style allow anyone to select clothes and build wardrobes that are not only functional but dynamic as well.


Probably the most important thing to learn about developing personal style is that Style is deliberate! Choosing what to wear like making music and art is act of self discovery and self expression. 'It's one of the means through which one integrates and expresses his personality: it’s a way of finding out about himself and expressing that knowledge to the world at large’. Esquire Handbook of Style. 


Self-discover; then Explore.

Avoid building your wardrobe around brands or trends- doing that restricts you to only showing parts of your persona that fickle fads prescribe. Instead build your personal style around two things that shape your daily experiences: your persona and your profession - doing that is the best way to create a wardrobe that is as timeless and dynamic as it purposeful.




Photography by the legendary BFACE



You're made of the same stuff as miracles!

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