To the girl who made me believe

It's funny how the times when we need a miracle are when nothing but a miracle will do.  Not planning,  not strategy,  not analysis,  not a crutch for a Solution; just plain old-fashioned inexplicable convergence of favorable events.

That was you for me-, you happened to me at a time when the only thing that could save me from my flirtation with self-destruction was if the supernatural finally decided to reach out through the aching void and touch me.

Growing up,  I always believed in miracles.  It wasn't until I grew older that I learned three things about why the divine Intervene in our mortal lives.
The first was that you had to be in the worst situation to deserve a miracle. People who have experienced passible misfortune don't qualify for one. I didn't make the rules,  it's just how it is. It took me years of misfortune in matters of the heart and dreams to understand that those misfortunes only served to make me more desperate for the bliss that I deserved.

The second is that no matter how much or how long you have hoped and prayed for a miracle, it's arrival is always a surprise.  God's is the only one capable of surprising us with a gift that we have been asking for all our lives. Falling in love is such gift.  The best kind of love slips Into our lives when we least expect it.

The third is that its arrival is all encompassing.  It brings a unique brand of joy that's a mixture of relief and confidence all at once.  Relief because of the changing tides:  confidence because a miracle is the best proof that everything is going to be different from now on- and It's never wrong.

Meeting you had all the makings of a miracle.
The first day that I laid my eyes on you that I realized that all of the suns, moons, stars and galaxies exist just so that every human being could have the slightest chance at falling in love.

Finding you is one of the miracles that my ticking heart countdown to.

I am obsessed with miracles, I am obsessed with the idea that the supernatural can somehow clothe itself in the mundane and reach through the aching void to touch us.
It's how I knew I you and I were meant to be.
My love for you came at a time when I had no reason to love myself or anything at all...  It comes from the same part of me that believes in God.  It's the part that always hopes for a miracle no matter what; the part of me that believes I deserve the impossible: the only part that could ever believe I deserve you.





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