We will never lose our buzz


I met Iven Agler by some stroke of luck at a meeting a few weeks ago, and our shared passion for style got us talking. In the middle of our gist about the modern Afropolitan style, we decided to do some work together... This Post is about the first of those collaborations we have planned for the next few months. New Friendships create new opportunities. 


Our aim is simple; to put Manchester on the style map - and to do so by having fun doing what we love- styling and maybe some laughing. 


Sadly, I'm writing this post in the wake of the bombing that claimed 22 lives in Manchester, and I cannot help but think about how this affects our plans. Safe streets have now been darkened by shadows of distrust; friendly bystanders, who we would usually ask for favors while we took pictures, have now become objects of our suspicion, and we of theirs.

Why such a horrendous act of senseless violence was planned and carried out here, against children, is completely beyond me.


The busy bee, the official symbol of Manchester, is the perfect representation of the spirit of the people that live here- industrious, hard working creatives who just want to take care of their families, make memories with friends, and leave a dent in their universe. Those are the kinds of men, women, and children these evil hearted people chose to hurt. It's sickening to think about. 


Right now, the unrest and the undercurrent of sorrow is palpable. I've lived here for 5 years, and this is the darkest it has been in Manchester. But we won't, even for a minute, let this make us stop believing in the decency and generosity of the people here.

Yes, we'd cry,
Yes, we'll mourn,
Yes, we'd scream in pain
at the top of our lungs;
but like the busy bees that we are,
we'll never lose our buzz.


Photography by the legendary BFACE




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