What do you do when you have an idea?


So you have an idea, so what? We all do. 

The value of an idea is in action, but Ideas are fleeting things: ideas of financial,  economic, emotional and spiritual value can come into the mind and pass without leaving any lasting impression- without pushing you to action. Consciously thinking continuously about the same thing, is the one sure way to turn a fleeting idea into a grounded obsession.

When idea grows into such an obsession, that you can't help but think about it, pray about it, hope for it, dream about it and believe for it, then that idea is something more than just an idea, it's a living desire- it's connected with your every breath. 

You must now then turn all that emotion into virtue - plan carefully with tact and hope; then act with the confidence that your plans are infallible, and with the commonsense that they aren't.

There is no box to think outside of.
Just obsess, plan and act.

Learn from your mistakes
and start all over again.