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It's my best mate's birthday this weekend, and I needed to get him the best gift. I already had a nice surprise planned for up him , but i needed an icing on the cake.  Now, there are two things you need to know about this mate of mine, the first thing is that he is one of the coolest people I know, the second is that He loves to drink- he is sort of a functioning Alcoholic; sort of, lol.

Well, I decided to start a new tradition with him, a shot of whisky on the morning of his birthday. So I called up my favourite image consultant, Iven Alger, and we made our way to The Whisky Shop, to get my best mate the perfect ale to start his day.

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I have to say, I love the whisky shop, architecturally speaking, it's one of the best store interiors in the heart of Manchester.  It has this luxurious ambience void of the pretentious, and that is a rare. almost paradoxical mix.

Iven and I had a chat with Alex, who guided us to the right buy. Alex know his stuff, 

 The first suggestion Alex made was probably my favourite; An 18 year old autumnal gold single malt scotch whisky. The initial aroma is of bruised pear and freshly stacked hay. Oily to the feel with a sweet dry taste and that signature warmth to finish. Perhaps what I loved most about this bottle was the story Alex told me about the distillery where it was casked.  The story of the Glenloisse distillery founded by John Duff is one to read up on if you have the chance- it's a story of grit and the entrepreneurial resilience to survive against all odds.

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'You select whiskey the same way you select business partners; the more seasoned and aged they are, the more value they bring the table.' Alex

After minutes of deliberation, and a handful of shots,  my final pick was this Loch Fyne Honey & Ginger Liqueur.  With it's classic revitalising herbal notes of honey and ginger, Loch Fyne's masterpiece of a liqueur is probably the perfect liqueur to kick start a new birthday tradition. 

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