Who is in the Garden?

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'Who is the garden’ is an homage to a children's game of the same name common in West African countries like Liberia, Nigeria, and Ghana. The game is an energetic bonding ritual that children in most rural parts of these countries grow up playing. I grew up playing this game. It served as a way to make new friends and grow social circles. 

 The dish: Oven baked Salmon laid on a bed of traditional Nigerian Bean Cake and a serving on sweetcorn, radish, and truffle salad. 


Black-eyed locust beans
truffle butter
bell peppers
Sweet corn


About the traditional Nigerian bean cake.

The bean cake ( known fondly as Moi Moi) is made from steamed-black-eyed-peas-pudding,  The Black-eyed beans are usually blended in with a mix of peppers, onions, and spices, and allowed to steam gently over local leaves called Uma. These Leaves add a delicate natural herbal flavor to the bean cake.

Traditionally, in Nigeria,  moImoi is paired with mackerel, but in my quest to elevate the African cuisine, deconstructing the pairing and elevating the fish component of the dish from mackerel to its more elegant counterpart, Salmon, felt like the right choice. 


About the Salmon flakes

Lightly season with salt, wrap in a foil and bake at 180 degrees until tender, usually 30-45 minutes. Flake with a fork, and sautee in truffle butter to add that earthy rustic taste finish with shavings of Nutmeg.

Serve with your choice of salad leaves and dressing.



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