Work is purposeful mastery

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People want to be rewarded for being good at something they love, more-so, they want to be rewarded for being good at something other people love. Being rewarded for creating something that is meaningful to you and is valuable to others is the definition of purposeful mastery. Work should either be rewarding execution of one's purposeful skill, or a journey towards being rewarded for the execution of one's purposeful skill.  Every other thing is a chore. It's that simple.

A purposeful skill is usually a mundane skill that resonates with the intrinsic part of you. Doing it gives you some sense of satisfaction and purpose. When putting a start up team together, you're best working people who have identified what their purposeful skill is. The beauty of it is that purposeful skills come in a wide variety, they can be as mundane and as ordinary as bookkeeping, writing or cooking. It doesn't really matter. All that matters is the satisfaction and the sense of purpose you get from doing it.

Start with people with purposeful skills, they are more likely to be really hardworking at it, and start ups are hard work.


You are made of the same stuff as miracles